Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ilmu dalam menangani Manusia

Parents are often tempted to criticize their children. I hope you said " not ". But I would not say that. I just say, before you criticize them, read the first one of the classic American journal below:

Forgot your father ALSO
W. Livingstone Larned

Listen bud; father said at the time you lie down to sleep, the small hand creep under your
cheek and hair a blonde curls on forehead the sticky humid. Father sneak in a self your room . new a few minutes ago, when the father read the newspaper are library, one wipe in the very moment the jump. With guilt comes about mattress father.
There are things that think father, son: father behave during this rough to you.
Snap father when you're trying to dress to go to school because you just wipe face with a towel at a glance. And the father does not see you clean
shoes. Cried my father angry when you throw some barangmu to the floor.
When you eat the Morning's father also find fault. you spit out your food. you hurriedly gulp food. you spread butter too thick bread. And once you start playing a new father and pursue Train departs, you turn and wave your hand while you cried "Farewell father!" so forehead while ruckle father cried"stand- up your shoulder".
Then all was repeated in the afternoon. the father's father emerged from the road immediately mengamatimu carefully, looked up to lututmu, memandangmu who are playing marbles. There are holes in the stocking feet. Menghinamu front of his father-kawanmu, and to return to the menggiringmu. Socks and expensive if you buy it you should be more careful! imagine that, sonny, it's out of mind my father!
Do you remember, later, when the father is being read Library, how do you come with feelings of fear with the feeling of hurt in your eyes? when the father continued to read newspapers, because trickness not wait, so you hesitate front door. "You want what?" Father spray.
Not you say, but run and jump towards father, you throw your hands around my neck and kissed Father, hands-the hands of a small closely with the warm embrace, the warmth of God that has been set to blossom your heart and neglect even though not capable weaken . And then you go, make climbing stairs.
Well, bud, right down the newspaper's father hands, and a dash of fear father. Habits father do? habits to find errors in rail: this is a gift for Father as a son. Not mean that father does not love;
Father do all this because my father expects too much from the youth. Measure father are rich with the years of their own father.
And in fact for many things good and true in nature. Tiny hearts have the same magnitude with the dawn of the hill memayungi knowledgeable. All this with the attitude you show spontanmu when you enter and smell menghambur father say goodbye while sleeping. No problem again tonight, bud, father has come mattress edge in darkness, and the father is knees. There, the shame!
This is the fear that weak; father know you will not understand things like this if the father submit to you when you awake. But tomorrow will be the father's father genuine! Father will carib you are, and join if you have suffered and laugh when you laugh. Father's father will bite their tongues when the words do not come out from the mouth of patient's father. The father will continue to say these words as though a ritual: "He was just a child."
Father is concerned feature as a man. However, when the father look now, sonny, bend and lie in bed tired, you see that father is still a baby. Yesterday your mother in a carrying cloth, indeed too many.

Message Author,
(instead of the rail, let's try to understand them. Let us try to understand why they do what they do. This is far more useful and interesting critique of interest, birth and sympathy, tolerance and kindness, "to really know all, we must forgive all")