Monday, December 29, 2008

Big Secret in Dealing with Human Big secret in Dealing with Human

There is only one way under Heaven to arouse anyone to do anything. Did you ever stop to think this is? Yes, only one way, and it is making other people want to do it.

Of course you can make someone give you o'clock with hold up guns lateral. You can make your employees want to work with you until you turn back the threat of the sack with them. Or you can make a child do what you want with the exhortation or threat. But these methods are cruel this is not expected to be successful.

One the way that you can do anything is to give you what you want.

What do you want?

Sigmund Freud said that all that you and I do come from two motif: pressure and desire to be great.

Jhon Dewey, a philosopher of America's most famous revealing in a way quite different. Dr. Dewey said that the pressure in on the most basic human nature is "a desire for" the so-called Dr. Dewey "The desire to be Important."

Abraham Lincoln had one start with this letter say: "everyone loves a compliment ". William James said: "The principle in the most basic human nature is needs to be ".

This is a human hunger and that does not loose , and rare individual who can truly satisfy hunger hearts he can handful others in their hands.

desire to be important is what has been the servant of a food store that is not educated and poor motivated to learn some of the legal books found based barrel household goods from the spoils that have been buying with five forty cents. You may have heard about this food salesperson. His name is Abraham Lincoln.

Even history gives many examples: from the interesting people who are struggling get the feeling it is important . Even George Washington wanted to be called "augustin", President of United States," and Columbus invoke obtain title "Admiral Crown prince Ocean and India ".

Some of the evidence that people can really go crazy in the business get the feeling it is important to get a feeling of importance, when they feel ignored in a world that is cruel. In the United States over many more patients who suffer mental illness as compared to that caused by physical diseases other. Combined into one.

When we are not thinking about a problem, we usually spend around 95% of time for us think about ourselves. Now, if we stop to think about ourselves a little and start thinking about things in themselves good people, we need not rely so cheap flattery and false so that those words could almost have been identified before out of the mouth.

One of the most neglected of our existence in this world is award. know how we refuse to give tribute to our son when he brought home rapotnya good, and we neglect to encourage the spirit of our children.

lecturer and public speaker I know of despair when they speak before the public and does not receive one comment that respect. What applies to professionals also apply to the workers office,
store and factory, also in our family and his friends close to our course. In the relationship between humans, we should never forget that our fellow human beings and is, of course, they will be hungry award, this is the legal tender of all enjoying life.

try meniggalkan impressions friendly sense of appreciation in a small way your day-to-day. You will be surprised to see how all of that will spark your friendship.

Pamela Durham from New Fairfeld, Connecticud, have a serious enough problem that where he has an office cleaner who do its work with the very poor. The mencemoohnya other employees and the trash alley to show him how bad the job. Truly bad, productive time to be lost of office it.

Finally, Pam berusah with a variety of ways to motivate this person. He noticed that at times the person is doing excellent work with. Pam decided to praise up in front of other people's stuff. Every day he did the work all the better. And in the end he can do its work very well with other people and gave him awards and recognition. Awards will bring a fair criticism, and while the results waggery someone will fail to make the change as we want.

Ralp Waldo Emerson said " every person I encountered was better than me in certain things. That way, I learned about himself. " If it occurs at Emerson, not a thousand times more effect on you and me? Let's stop what we want to achieve, desire-the desire of us. However, let us try to find things that both the people themselves. Then forget flattery. Grant awards are honest and sincere. Grant awards are honest and sincere. Be "in the receipt of your sincere and careful in providing cheap credit." So people will remember your words, appreciate and
repeat throughout life and believe the words you will be reminded and remember their words that you many years after you forgot.

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lessons that must be remembered that "Give the award is fair and genuine."