Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Preparing For a Forensics Operation

Before your start an investigation of any case, you have a throught understanding of the forensics process, technical training, and proper lab preparation. these are critical to the success of an investigation. All the tachnicians assigned to our unit are required to have the necessary training and background to understand and conduct investigations the training ensures that technicians avoid frequently made mistekes,as turning on the computer to"check it out and see if anything important is in there".
Our teams runs a secure lab and a formal case-management system. Before we started on the ACME case, we pretested all the tods in the lab and neatly tucked the portable hardware units into the flyaway kits. Your are ready to go when the call came to us. Our case-management system lets us handle the case and organize the evidance as it is returned to the lab. You can control a large number of system, tracking where the system go and assigning the systems unique numbers with the proper documentation attached. This enable us to compare notes quickly and understand similiarities found in multiple computers.   

The Key Attributes Required for Success

First, Successful componies have stilled people at all levels inside the company, including (1) leaders who develop and articulate sound strategic visions; (2) managers who make value-adding decisions, design effecient business processes, and train and motivate work forces and (3) a capable work force willing to implement the company's strategies and tacties.
Second, Successful companies have strong relationship with suppliers, who then deliver high-quality materials an time and at a reasonable cost. This is particulary true in the areas of information technology and logistics. Successful companies also excel in customer relationship management- leading to repeat sales, higher profit margins, and lower costs to acquire new customers.

Third, Successful companies have enough capital to execute their plans and support their operations. For example, most companies need cash to purchase land, buildings, equipment, and materials. Companies can reinvest a portion of their earnings, but most also raise additional funds externally, by some combination of selling stock and/or borrowing in the financial markets.