Friday, January 8, 2010

Computer Fundamental

Before you can effectively complete investgation on any operataing system, you must understand how a hard drives stories information and how the 0s uses that har drives.In addition, more exotic technologies such as flash memory and PDA RAM have their own sets of pratfalls-if you don't understand the fundamental concepts discussed in this my blog, you will not be able to complete a defensible investigation.
In addition, if  you are called upon to perform a deposition or testify on the witness stand, this chapter will help serve as crip sheet for testimany. floopy disks use a different file system than hard drives in theold DOS  scheme. With all the point- ant- clik forensics tool available today, it is tempting to forgo learning details like this. However, this is a perfect example of how a complete undestanding of the basics can protect you while under fire on the witness stand.

The Bottom- UP View Of a Computer

As my " Intoduction to computing sciense " professor once said, the essence of modem computing is abstracting compexity. The modem Computer is much like the human body. Different modules each perform simple tasks; put them together in the right way, and amazingly complex tasks can be completed. A heart pumps blood. The lungs move air around. Eyes process light to create images. These are very basics task that work simultaneously to sustain life. Computers  work similiar way. A processor performs operations. A hard disk stories is and 0s. A video card converts those is and 0s to a signal a monitor can understand. Put them together and you the computer and all the possibilities that go along with it.