Sunday, January 10, 2010

Man the Social Animal by Harold D. Lasswell

we are part of society when share in comprehensive arrangement for living with one another and doserts, and on isolated mountains and beaches around the globe. The most complex technological societies bind  the world's cities together as part of an evolution that, barring catastrophe, is forming a planetary society of mankind.
wheather primitve or civized, all societies must cope with the pararell problems that are generated by urgencies f human nature and the necessities of a common life. Arrangements are made for kindship and procreation; for safety, heaty, and comfort; for producing and consuming commodities and services. Arrangements also develop latent talent into skills or commucation. Body movements, and dissemination. Of news and images of the natural and social environment. Some institutions give respect or disrespect to individuals and groups on a temporary or permanent basis, and distrguish between what is considered to be resposible or irresponsble conduct. Goverment, low, Politics seek to resolve the conflicting demands that arise within or among communities.

Society do indeed differ from one another in the degree that they  encourage specialization. In the simplest societies every body does everthing, with exceptions that are closely linked to differences of sex and age.